Cartridges For CASHText Box: Thank you for participating in the “Cartridges For Cash” program.  For your program to be successful, please follow the instructions below.  If you have any questions at all, please call us toll-free at 1-877-296-9940.  Thanks Again!
School InstructionsText Box: Your School Will Receive A “Cartridges For Cash” Kit, Which Includes The Following:
~  “Cartridges For Cash” Buy Back List ~  Parent Letter For All Students  ~  Prepaid UPS Shipping Label  ~
With 25 Qualifying Cartridges                 . 
Put Together Display Box

Please Tape Bottom Of Your Shipping Box, Leaving Top Open To Drop Cartridges In.  Place Box On Top 
Of A Table In The School Office So It Can Be Seen Easily By Your Faculty And Parents.

Pass Out Parent Letters

Please Pass Out A Parent Letter To Each Student.  This Is Vital To The Success Of Your Program.  The Parents Place Of Work Will Be A Great Source Of MANY Cartridges That You Will Be Receiving.

Ship It To Us And Receive Your Money Or Credit

Once You Have Filled Up Your Display Box With At Least 25 Qualifying Cartridges, 
Call 1-877-296-9940 to Request a Pre-Paid UPS Label To Ship The Box To Us If Needed.  
If Less Then 25 Qualifying Cartridges Is Sent The Shipping Cost Will Be Deducted From Credit Or Check.  
Once We Inventory All Qualifying Cartridges, We Will Mail Your School A Check Or Give You A Credit Towards The Purchase Of Ink And Toner Products We Sell.  (New OR Recycled) 
Call:  1-877-296-9940