Inkjet Cartridge - Remanufacturing Process 

Our process starts with the selection of the best empty cartridges.  We only remanufacture 100% Virgin Cartridges (Brand New Cartridges).  The use of virgin cores insures that the quality of our remanufactured product will be superior.  Cartridges are not designed to last forever; the more they are reused, the greater the chance for failure.

After selecting the best cartridges, each cartridge is inspected and tested for defects that may be hard to detect, including the defects responsible for the common failures that OEM cartridges experience.  Removing these cartridges before the process begins saves everyone money.  Cartridges that pass inspection are then put through a cleaning process tailored specifically for that cartridge.  Over the years we have developed optimal cleaning methods by drawing on the expertise of chemical engineers and professors from Michigan State University.

Once the cleaning process is completed, the cartridge is refilled with the best ink. 
Different ink manufacturers produce different qualities of ink.  After thoroughly testing over a dozen ink vendors, we have selected only the best.  Most of our inks actually perform better than the OEM’s.  Each cartridge is refilled in a machine designed specifically for that cartridge.  We have custom designed our machines to give us an optimal success rate.  Our machines also pressurize the cartridge to a specific setting to insure that the ink can flow properly out of the printhead.  Machine operators then check the cartridge for accurate ink amounts and the cartridge is weighed on scales that are calibrated every hour.  Next, each cartridge is rested in the same printers that your clients will be using; this allows our technicians to see exactly what you will see when they print.  The technician also checks to make certain that EVERY nozzle in the cartridge’s printhead is functioning properly, thus insuring you of picture-perfect printing.

From the filling stations, the cartridges are transferred to final inspection where they are encoded, packaged, and prepared for shipment.  They are reweighed and pressure tested in specially designed chambers to simulate air pressure changes that occur with altitude changes in air shipments.  Our clear plastic containers allow us to triple check for leakage before we send you the final product.


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