Laser Toner Cartridge Remanufacturing Process

Incoming cartridge is disassembled, and components are inspected.

Cartridge is split along the OEM seams using specialized equipment to separate the toner hopper from the mag roller assembly. No new breaks, cuts or splits are created in the process.

The drum assembly is completely dismantled, removing every spring, screw, bracket, and component for inspection.

Worn components are replaced with “new” premium parts.

New longlife photoconductor drum and wiper blades are installed. Recoated primary charge rollers (if applicable) are installed.

All other nonwearing components (i.e. transfer roller, developer roller and assembly hardware) are cleaned and inspected.

All old foam seals along toner hopper contact surfaces are removed and replaced with new.

Waste toner collection area is also emptied and cleaned during this stage.

Toner is removed, and internal and external parts are cleaned.

Toner hopper is cleaned internally to remove all residual toner from the previous use. This prevents the old, clumped, or caked toner from contaminating the new.

Sweeper blades located within the hopper are inspected and, if necessary, replaced (if applicable).

Surface is cleaned and prepared for attachment of new seal.

Cartridge is then sealed, refilled and reassembled.

A new, pressuresensitive, OEMtype seal is placed on the toner hopper.

Toner hopper is then filled with the same type and gramweight of toner found in the OEM product.

Toner hopper and mag roller assembly are rejoined using special binding clips or brackets, with toner placed between the seal and the drum assembly for testing.

Cartridge is post tested for print and visual quality.

Every cartridge produced is tested in its proper machine.

Test prints are run using extra toner placed in front of the seal to ensure that all print components are functioning properly.

Cartridge is heatsealed in antistatic foil bag, then securely packaged for shipment.


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